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Fair Trade Autonomous Compliance

  • 1.Significance of Program Operation

    As the program is independently enacted and operated internal compliance system to observe the Fair Trade Act, SERVEONE takes the lead in the company
    by introducing the system for the first time in the industry.

  • 2.Purpose of Program Operation

    • 1) To prevent any legal violations in advance
    • 2) To prevent any damage of corporate social image and improve credibility
    • 3) To improve employees’ awareness of fair trade
  • 3.Progress

    • May 21, 2002 : Determined the implementation of fair trade autonomous compliance program
    • May 23, 2002 : Produced autonomous compliance guide and launch the establishment of operating element
    • Jul 4, 2002 : Appointed autonomous compliance manager by the Board of Directors
    • Jul 8, 2002 : Established management system and internal supervision system
    • Jul 15, 2002 : Established personnel sanction system and document management system
    • Jul 18, 2002 : Produced and distributed the fair trade autonomous compliance manual
    • Jul 25, 2002 : Held a proclamation ceremony for fair trade autonomous compliance
  • 4.Code of Conduct and Proclamation of Fair Trade Autonomous Compliance
    (Compliance Policy by The CEO)

    SERVEONE Co., Ltd. aims to accomplish the company’s vision as an “excellent partner creating a new value in operating the company” as well as the
    development of national economy by fair and free competition. Accordingly, all employees should carry out the following activities to comply with
    the company’s fair trade autonomous compliance policy:

    • 1) To perform jobs in a fair and proper method and comply with laws and regulations related to fair trade
    • 2) To respect the order of market economy and create value for customers through competition in good faith
    • 3) To strive to create an environment for transparent trade and maintain fair order mutually with business partners
  • 5.Notification of Autonomous Compliance Manager

    • 1) Design and change management of compliance programs, increasing awareness of self-compliance among employees, supervising self-compliance operations, and monitoring self-compliance.
    • 2) Autonomous compliance manager
      Appointed by the Board of Directors on February 9, 2022 (Nam Eun Ja, Purchasing Platform HQ Leader)
      • Address: 76 Saemunan-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
      • TEL : +82-2-6373-8210
      • FAX : +82-2-6373-8598
    • 3) Fair trade education, dissemination, supervision and supervision, with the operation department of self-compliance program (Legal/Diagnosis Team) under the responsibility of the self-compliance manager
  • 6.Major Contents of Autonomous Compliance Program

    • 1) Production and distribution of autonomous compliance manual
      The autonomous compliance manual suitable for the company’s circumstances was produced and distributed jointly by the Fair Trade Association
    • 2) Appointment of autonomous compliance manager
      The Board of Directors appointed the autonomous compliance manager and notified the appointment to the entire company.
    • 3) Establishment of internal supervision system
      For the practical operation of autonomous compliance program, the company established the management system and internal supervision system and stipulated the
      internal inspection for one or more times every six months.
    • 4) Operation of personnel sanction system
      The company enacted the sanction guidelines for employees in violation of the Unfair Competition Prevention and Trade Secret Protection Act to prepare the
      grounds for sanctions in case of violation against the Fair Trade Act.
    • 5) Establishment of document management system
      The company established the document storage and management system to verify the operation of the program.
    • 6) Proclamation of autonomous compliance policy by the CEO
      The company proclaimed the code of conducts and employees’ willingness to the inside and outside the company by holding a fair trade autonomous compliance ceremony.
    • 7) Fair trade education for employees
      The company stipulated continuous fair trade education by enacting guidelines for operating the education program and providing training with the launch of purchase-related
      fair trade education courses and utilization of special legal lectures.
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Tools And Equipment
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Promotional Materials
Testing Equipment
  • Drop Tester Machine
    Products are challenged with various falls and shocks during the logistics process and use and these cause damage, therefore the drop tester machine examines and verifies products’ strengths and viability of packaging design.
  • Bursting Strength Tester
    It is designed to measure the bursting strength of various samples. Test results are shown on the digital indicator after being sensed by a pressure sensor and the equipment has excellent precision and reproducibility.
  • X-ray Spectrometer (XRF)
    Used in qualitative and quantitative analysis of organic and inorganic elements with X-ray. Unlike general analysis (e.g. Chromatography or ICP analysis), it can conduct non-destructive analysis without pre-treating samples with oxidized solution. It is commonly used in the analysis for quality assurance for various factories (metal, oil, high polymer compounds, glass/ceramic materials, plating analysis), RoHS, ELV, and WEEE as well as the development of new products and processes.
  • Digital Cutting Machine
    Create diverse packaging materials (lightweight box, grid structures, heavy-duty box, etc.) with raw papers and materials to check the output.
  • Temperature & Humidity Chamber [Large Capacity]
    Equipment designed to test the environmental condition of packaging materials that creates various temperatures and humidity to examine the limits of raw materials and packaging materials.
  • Universal Testing Machine (UTM)
    It can conduct various tests such as tensile strength, compression, penetration, splitting resistance, friction factors, etc. With the high-performance indicator, it has outstanding reproducibility and precision.
  • Ring Crush Compression Tester
    This equipment tests the raw paper's compression strength and corrugated cardboard's plane compression strength, edgewise compression strength, and pin test and uses load cells for high precision.
  • Density Meter
    It measures the density of materials or samples.
  • Melt Flow Index Meter
    This tests the melting flow of thermoplastic and measures the extrusion speed (volume) of the melted thermoplastic extruded through a die with a set length and diameter at a predetermined temperature and pressure condition.
  • Container Compression Tester
    It measures the strength of freight packaging boxes, and pallets that can test the loading capacity of freight packaging boxes, the compression strength of the boxes, and the bending strength of wooden pallets.
  • FTIR Spectrometer
    Using the unique spectrum of each substance, it can conduct qualitative and quantitative analyses of each element. The common use of this equipment is to identify unknown substances and check in-bound and out-bound substances for production. Minute differences of similar substances can be identified by this equipment.
  • Temperature & Humidity Chamber [Small Capacity]
    Equipment designed to test the environmental condition of packaging materials that creates various temperatures and humidity to examine the limits of raw materials and packaging materials. It is used to test small boxes, raw papers, and fabric and wooden material samples.
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