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Subsidiary Materials

Subsidiary Materials for Many Companies
Subsidiary materials refer to secondary materials that are used in production.
They are largely divided into custom-made specialized subsidiary materials that go into products and common subsidiary materials
that are widely used by various companies. SERVEONE provides purchasing of common subsidiary materials.
Category Raw materials / Specialized
Subsidiary Materials
Common Subsidiary
Source Monopoly / Few Diverse Diverse
Significance Hard To Substitute Substitutable Substitutable
Purchase Amount High High Low
Purchasing Body Specific Dispersed Dispersed
Purchase Period Regular Regular Irregular

Materials Handled

  • Corrugated Cardboard Box

    Corrugated Cardboard Box
    Corrugated Cardboard Box · Corrugated Pad · Core / Paper Roll
  • Packing

    EPS Packing · EPP Packing
  • Packing Film

    Packing Film
    Stretch Film · PE Film · PE Paper Pipe
  • Band

    PP Band · PET Band
  • Tape

    Line Tape · Insulation Tape · OPP Tape
  • Pallet

    Wooden Pallet · Plastic Pallet · Aluminum Pallet
  • Tray

    Vacuum Tray · Injection Mold Tray
  • Bearing

    Cloud Bearing · LM Guide
  • Screw

    Nails · Nuts / Washers · Bolts / Anchors

Value Provided

We provide the following values so that our clients can focus on their businesses.

  • Cost

    Create a scale of economy of
    purchasing unit price through
    combined purchases for
    various individual companies.

  • Work

    Maximize purchasing efficiency
    by running an integrated
    operation of multiple supplies
    and establishment of an online
    purchasing system.

  • Reinforcing
    Purchasing Visibility

    Support data-driven decision-
    making through purchase
    history records that enable
    systematic management.

  • Standardized

    Enabled professional inventory
    and delivery management
    with a standardized purchasing process.

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Testing Equipment
  • Drop Tester Machine
    Products are challenged with various falls and shocks during the logistics process and use and these cause damage, therefore the drop tester machine examines and verifies products’ strengths and viability of packaging design.
  • Bursting Strength Tester
    It is designed to measure the bursting strength of various samples. Test results are shown on the digital indicator after being sensed by a pressure sensor and the equipment has excellent precision and reproducibility.
  • X-ray Spectrometer (XRF)
    Used in qualitative and quantitative analysis of organic and inorganic elements with X-ray. Unlike general analysis (e.g. Chromatography or ICP analysis), it can conduct non-destructive analysis without pre-treating samples with oxidized solution. It is commonly used in the analysis for quality assurance for various factories (metal, oil, high polymer compounds, glass/ceramic materials, plating analysis), RoHS, ELV, and WEEE as well as the development of new products and processes.
  • Digital Cutting Machine
    Create diverse packaging materials (lightweight box, grid structures, heavy-duty box, etc.) with raw papers and materials to check the output.
  • Temperature & Humidity Chamber [Large Capacity]
    Equipment designed to test the environmental condition of packaging materials that creates various temperatures and humidity to examine the limits of raw materials and packaging materials.
  • Universal Testing Machine (UTM)
    It can conduct various tests such as tensile strength, compression, penetration, splitting resistance, friction factors, etc. With the high-performance indicator, it has outstanding reproducibility and precision.
  • Ring Crush Compression Tester
    This equipment tests the raw paper's compression strength and corrugated cardboard's plane compression strength, edgewise compression strength, and pin test and uses load cells for high precision.
  • Density Meter
    It measures the density of materials or samples.
  • Melt Flow Index Meter
    This tests the melting flow of thermoplastic and measures the extrusion speed (volume) of the melted thermoplastic extruded through a die with a set length and diameter at a predetermined temperature and pressure condition.
  • Container Compression Tester
    It measures the strength of freight packaging boxes, and pallets that can test the loading capacity of freight packaging boxes, the compression strength of the boxes, and the bending strength of wooden pallets.
  • FTIR Spectrometer
    Using the unique spectrum of each substance, it can conduct qualitative and quantitative analyses of each element. The common use of this equipment is to identify unknown substances and check in-bound and out-bound substances for production. Minute differences of similar substances can be identified by this equipment.
  • Temperature & Humidity Chamber [Small Capacity]
    Equipment designed to test the environmental condition of packaging materials that creates various temperatures and humidity to examine the limits of raw materials and packaging materials. It is used to test small boxes, raw papers, and fabric and wooden material samples.
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