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R&D Solutions

One-stop Solution from R&D Purchase to Safety & Inventory Management
In response to increasing investment in the R&D sector of each industry, including pharmaceutical and bio, SERVEONE offers
a wide range of exclusive services such as cold chain, G-lab, which is a specialized R&D mall, Chemical Safety Management Platform (LSP),
and integrated equipment purchase based on its R&D purchase database with 3.6 million items and specialized experts.
Amount of Products
in Stock (Reagent/Glassware)
3.6 million
Clients in R&D Sectors
Over 80 companies
MRO Market Share
80 %
Dedicated R&D Team
50 Employees
Many clients in the R&D industry, including pharmaceutical companies,
purchase their equipment and supplies through SERVEONE
Purchase trend of reagent/glassware/instruments
Instrument Glassware Reagent
  1. 2017
    881 332 302 151.5billion
  2. 2019
    1169 523 450 214.2billion
    42% increase
  3. 2021
    1306 750 599 265.5billion
    24% increase
  4. 2022
    1672 909 692 327.3billion
    23% increase

Investment & Operation of Pharmaceutical / Bio Industries

SERVEONE holds an 80% share of the pharmaceutical and bio-MRO market and continues to make investment for improving
the level of efficiency in management and user convenience for administrators.

  1. 2016
    First in the Industry
  2. 2018
    Built Nationwide
    Cold Chain
  3. 2022
    Exclusive R&D
    Shopping Mall
    Rental Service
    for Labware
  4. 2023
    Chemical Safety
    System (LSP)
*CMS : Chemical Management System
SERVEONE has a dedicated team working on specific categories for the purchase of key pharmaceutical products and an optimized supplier pool for each maker.
  • Dedicated Team for Specific Categories
    Dedicated purchase team/manager for lab/instrumentation categories Differentiated purchase strategies based on product features, reduced volume and distributions, and inventory management
  • Pools of Suppliers ※ 6,000 pools of current suppliers (50,000 pools of all suppliers)
    Manufacturer/Distributor/Agent 78%

G-lab Supported by the Largest R&D Database

G-lab, a specialized R&D mall, provides laboratory products such as reagents, supplies, and analytical equipment required for R&D operation
in any pharmaceutical, bio, and chemical lab environment at competitive prices through SERVEONE's dedicated purchase teams and extensive know-how.


  • Reagent
    Solvent Powder chemical Standard reagent
  • Bio
    Culture media Oligo / Bio reagent Antibody
  • Lab
    Glassware Plastic wares Nitril gloves
  • Lab
    Lab table BIo Safety Cabinet
  • Analytical
    Flow cytometer Chemiluminescence Particle size analyzer
  • Optics
    Granularity microscope
    Nonlinear photometry
    Absorption spectrophotometer
  • Instruments
    Digital instrument Hydrometer Particle meter
  • Basic
    Centrifuge Shaker incubator Sterilizer
Advantage 1One-Stop Online System One-stop solution to access product information, place orders, and make payment for 3.6 million items at a single shopping mall.
  1. Compare
  2. Order
  3. Delivery
  4. Tax Invoices
Advantage 2Chemical Management System It is easier to manage and respond to chemical laws and regulations based on CMS (Chemical Management System). Accessible information - Hazardous chemical information, MSDS files, reagent summaries, regulatory information on the Utility Model Act/Act on the Safety
Control of Hazardous Substances and certification information on Electrical Appliances and Consumer Product Safety Control Act/potentially hazardous products.

Chemical Safety Management Platform (LSP)

SERVEONE’s Lab Safety Platform(LSP) is a total safety management solution that covers the entire process from purchase to safety and inventory management.

LSP (Lab Safety Platform) Integrated solution that supports chemical safety, purchase, and inventory management.
  • Purchase
    M.I.S for efficient
    of purchase areas
  • Safety
    Compliance with the Act
    on the Registration and evaluation,
    etc. of Chemical Substances,
    Chemical Substances Control Act,
    Occupational Safety and Health Act,
    and the Act on the Establishment of
    Safe Laboratory Environment
  • Inventory
    volume, expiration
    dates, etc.
LSP Services
  1. Search MSDS
  2. Inventory status of Class 1 to 6 volume under
    the Act on the Safety Control of Hazardous Substances
  3. Status of hazardous chemicals under the Chemical
    Substance Control Act
  4. Status of specially controlled substances under
    the Occupational Safety and Health Act
  5. Status of managing people subject to special
    health checkup
  6. Status of hazardous factors subject to work
    environment inspection
  7. List of proper safety equipment by chemical substance

Nationwide Cold Chain

SERVEONE provides reliable shipping services based on industry-leading logistics infrastructure, including specialized services for frozen/chilled items.

Industry’s First Cold Chain Direct Shipping! No Risk of Temperature, Facility, and Vehicle Failure!
  • Developed a process of handling and managing frozen and
    chilled items
  • Manage the risk of product spoilage by monitoring the temperatures
    at each stage of shipping process
  • Refrigerator: dualized refrigeration warehouse (11.5 + 13m2)
  • Freezer: dualized chiller (2 units with 5HP)

Customized Solutions

SERVEONE offers customized solutions to focus on your core business.

  • R&D Pre-set
    Pre-set common groups of items, e.g., R&D reagents/lab consumables Pre-set specialized R&D categories for specific industries other than
    Key pre-set categories : USP Standard Reagents/HPLC Column/
    GC Column/Filter/HPLC solvents/Analytical
    Essential Consumables/Basic Lab Equipment
  • Rental Service
    Offer rental services for expensive lab equipment through affiliation Electronics :  Osciloscopes / Spectrum Analyzer / Power Analyzer /
    Signal Generator / Load
    General :  Lab Scale/Lab Furniture/PH Meter/Karl Fischer Titrator/
    Sample Preparation System/Microbiological Incubator/
Industrial Gloves
Tools And Equipment
Office Supplies
Sanitary Supplies
Promotional Materials
Testing Equipment
  • Drop Tester Machine
    Products are challenged with various falls and shocks during the logistics process and use and these cause damage, therefore the drop tester machine examines and verifies products’ strengths and viability of packaging design.
  • Bursting Strength Tester
    It is designed to measure the bursting strength of various samples. Test results are shown on the digital indicator after being sensed by a pressure sensor and the equipment has excellent precision and reproducibility.
  • X-ray Spectrometer (XRF)
    Used in qualitative and quantitative analysis of organic and inorganic elements with X-ray. Unlike general analysis (e.g. Chromatography or ICP analysis), it can conduct non-destructive analysis without pre-treating samples with oxidized solution. It is commonly used in the analysis for quality assurance for various factories (metal, oil, high polymer compounds, glass/ceramic materials, plating analysis), RoHS, ELV, and WEEE as well as the development of new products and processes.
  • Digital Cutting Machine
    Create diverse packaging materials (lightweight box, grid structures, heavy-duty box, etc.) with raw papers and materials to check the output.
  • Temperature & Humidity Chamber [Large Capacity]
    Equipment designed to test the environmental condition of packaging materials that creates various temperatures and humidity to examine the limits of raw materials and packaging materials.
  • Universal Testing Machine (UTM)
    It can conduct various tests such as tensile strength, compression, penetration, splitting resistance, friction factors, etc. With the high-performance indicator, it has outstanding reproducibility and precision.
  • Ring Crush Compression Tester
    This equipment tests the raw paper's compression strength and corrugated cardboard's plane compression strength, edgewise compression strength, and pin test and uses load cells for high precision.
  • Density Meter
    It measures the density of materials or samples.
  • Melt Flow Index Meter
    This tests the melting flow of thermoplastic and measures the extrusion speed (volume) of the melted thermoplastic extruded through a die with a set length and diameter at a predetermined temperature and pressure condition.
  • Container Compression Tester
    It measures the strength of freight packaging boxes, and pallets that can test the loading capacity of freight packaging boxes, the compression strength of the boxes, and the bending strength of wooden pallets.
  • FTIR Spectrometer
    Using the unique spectrum of each substance, it can conduct qualitative and quantitative analyses of each element. The common use of this equipment is to identify unknown substances and check in-bound and out-bound substances for production. Minute differences of similar substances can be identified by this equipment.
  • Temperature & Humidity Chamber [Small Capacity]
    Equipment designed to test the environmental condition of packaging materials that creates various temperatures and humidity to examine the limits of raw materials and packaging materials. It is used to test small boxes, raw papers, and fabric and wooden material samples.
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