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Video Information Processing Device Operation and Management

  • 1.Overview

    1.1 Purpose

    SERVEONE installs and operates a video information processing device for the following purposes in accordance with Article 25-1 of Personal Information Protection Act.

    • Facility safety, Security, Fire, Critical epidemic prevention management
    • Crime prevention for the safety of customers and employees
    • Prevention of car theft and damage

    For the size of exceeding 30 cars to park, such device can be installed and operated based on Article 6-1 of the Enforcement Decree of Parking Lot Act.

    1.2 Scope of Application

    This policy has been written by quoting elements required based on the Personal Information Protection Act and Guideline on Installation and
    Operation of Video Information Processing Device in Private Sector by the Ministry of Public Administration and Security and is used as the standard in
    operating video information processing devices in SERVEONE

  • 2.Number and Position of Installation And Scope of Videoing

    Section No. of installed devices Effective date Position and scope of shooting
    Gwanghwamun headquarters 24 January 12, 20 Office, exit and entrance for each floor
    Central hub center 122 - Parking lot, entry, warehouse passage
    Cheongju hub center 43 - Parking lot, entry, warehouse passage
    Gumi hub center 54 - Parking lot, entry, warehouse passage
    Changwon hub center 23 - Parking lot, entry, warehouse passage
    Paju hub center 26 - Parking lot, entry, warehouse passage
    Total 292
  • 3.Supervisor and Person with Authority to Access

    Section Category Name Position Department Contact
    Gwanghwamun headquarters Supervisor Lee Dong Won Team Leader Management Support Team +82-6373-8253
    Central hub center Supervisor Jo Chung Ki Center Director Central logistics hub center +82-31-321-5960
    Cheongju hub center Supervisor Ko, Kwan-hyeok Center Director Cheongju logistics hub center +82-43-260-2266
    Gumi hub center Supervisor Jin Won Tae Center Director Gumi logistics hub center +82-54-710-2401
    Changwon hub center Supervisor Choi Eun Su Center Director Changwon logistics hub center +82-55-712-1061
    Paju hub center Supervisor Sun Chung Kyu Center Director Paju logistics hub center +82-31-935-8812
    Nanjing hub center Supervisor Wuchangxi Center Director Nanjing hub center +86-133-9090-5788
    Guangzhou hub center Supervisor Pangxinhua Center Director Guangzhou hub center +86-136-3138-9532
    Vietnam hub center Supervisor lan Center Director Vietnam hub center +84-097-342-6779
  • 4.Shooting Time, Storage Period, Place and Processing Method for Video Information

    Hours of shooting Period of storage Place of storage
    24 hours 30 days Gwanghwamun headquarters
    24 hours 30 days Central hub center
    24 hours 30 days Cheongju hub center
    24 hours 30 days Gumi hub center
    24 hours 30 days Changwon hub center
  • 5.Method of Checking Personal Video Information and Place

    5.1 Method of checking

    Video information can be checked by visiting the video information supervisor after contacting in advance.

    5.2 Place of checking

    Gwanghwamun headquarters & All hub centers

  • 6.Measures for Request to Browse Video Information by Information Holders

    If you want to browse, identify or delete personal video information, you are entitled to request the video information device operator to conduct the process
    anytime you want. However, such request is limited to personal video information where you are filmed and personal video information is clearly necessary
    for the life, body and property benefit for an information holder.
    SERVEONE will take immediate measures for any request of browsing, identifying or deleting personal video information.

  • 7.Measures to Secure Safety of Video Information

    Video information processed by SERVEONE is safely managed by controlling the authority to access and store information in a separate server. In addition,
    the company grants differentiated authority to access personal information as a managerial measure for protecting personal video information. We also
    record and manage the date of personal video information generated and purpose, user and date of browsing information to prevent any falsification of
    personal video information. The company ensures a locking device for the physically safe storage of personal video information.

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Testing Equipment
  • Drop Tester Machine
    Products are challenged with various falls and shocks during the logistics process and use and these cause damage, therefore the drop tester machine examines and verifies products’ strengths and viability of packaging design.
  • Bursting Strength Tester
    It is designed to measure the bursting strength of various samples. Test results are shown on the digital indicator after being sensed by a pressure sensor and the equipment has excellent precision and reproducibility.
  • X-ray Spectrometer (XRF)
    Used in qualitative and quantitative analysis of organic and inorganic elements with X-ray. Unlike general analysis (e.g. Chromatography or ICP analysis), it can conduct non-destructive analysis without pre-treating samples with oxidized solution. It is commonly used in the analysis for quality assurance for various factories (metal, oil, high polymer compounds, glass/ceramic materials, plating analysis), RoHS, ELV, and WEEE as well as the development of new products and processes.
  • Digital Cutting Machine
    Create diverse packaging materials (lightweight box, grid structures, heavy-duty box, etc.) with raw papers and materials to check the output.
  • Temperature & Humidity Chamber [Large Capacity]
    Equipment designed to test the environmental condition of packaging materials that creates various temperatures and humidity to examine the limits of raw materials and packaging materials.
  • Universal Testing Machine (UTM)
    It can conduct various tests such as tensile strength, compression, penetration, splitting resistance, friction factors, etc. With the high-performance indicator, it has outstanding reproducibility and precision.
  • Ring Crush Compression Tester
    This equipment tests the raw paper's compression strength and corrugated cardboard's plane compression strength, edgewise compression strength, and pin test and uses load cells for high precision.
  • Density Meter
    It measures the density of materials or samples.
  • Melt Flow Index Meter
    This tests the melting flow of thermoplastic and measures the extrusion speed (volume) of the melted thermoplastic extruded through a die with a set length and diameter at a predetermined temperature and pressure condition.
  • Container Compression Tester
    It measures the strength of freight packaging boxes, and pallets that can test the loading capacity of freight packaging boxes, the compression strength of the boxes, and the bending strength of wooden pallets.
  • FTIR Spectrometer
    Using the unique spectrum of each substance, it can conduct qualitative and quantitative analyses of each element. The common use of this equipment is to identify unknown substances and check in-bound and out-bound substances for production. Minute differences of similar substances can be identified by this equipment.
  • Temperature & Humidity Chamber [Small Capacity]
    Equipment designed to test the environmental condition of packaging materials that creates various temperatures and humidity to examine the limits of raw materials and packaging materials. It is used to test small boxes, raw papers, and fabric and wooden material samples.
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